I had to cry and beg
All for some ham and egg
But breakfast was served
The meal deserved
It arrived by a man with one leg


He works hard
She works hard
Stop working so hard
Relax man


Your big ass pass gas
And now it stinks
You stupid sheep
I just want to fall asleep
But stinky had to let one go
Stunk up the place with quite a show
Now I'll just have to wait
For the spell to dissipate
Now at last my time is here
To dream of a land full of beer


Go to bed go to bed
Rest your head rest your head
Let the night carry you
Full bright darkened hue
Collapse the weight of day
Let it melt far away


Tattle tattle little brat
Don't you even think of that
Tell on me and you will see
Just what a bully I can be
Tattle tale snitching snitch
Cross me I'll become a bitch
I know you won't never never
Bite your tongue forever ever.


Tap tap listen up
Come one come all take a seat
This is where it starts


Sit alone
With my phone
Composing this
Silly poem

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Hi folks, I'm a software development manager. I've worked with computers most of my life. I write a poem a day about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope they make you smile.